Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Dr Sonia’s Business Coaching Program

Dr Sonia Shah (PhD) Psychological Medicine is a powerful Business and Executive Coach. She has built a couple of startup ventures from zero dollars to multimillion-dollar ventures and teams of over 40 staff members. Using her combined expertise in Psychology and Business, she can help you scale your Business to heightened success levels.

Dr Sonia understands the day-to-day stress and pressures that Business Owners and Entrepreneurs face on a day to day basis. Through her one-on-one coaching, Dr Sonia will empower and guide you to implement the best business plan based on your specific goals and visions.

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Working together, you will learn how to scale your business to unimaginable heights, stand out amongst the competition, and still achieve a healthy balance between your work and personal life.

Dr Sonia will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your existing position. Based on the report, she will give you a detailed analysis and advise you on what needs to change. She will work with your company to improve productivity, enhance team motivation, track your financials and KPI’s and implement cost saving strategies

Dr Sonia has exceptional skills in Mentoring and Growth:

  • Help you grow your business.
  • Develop efficient and high-powered marketing strategies to get more business.
  • Improve your operations with unique strategies.
  • Analyze your financials and boost productivity for better profits.
  • Leadership development.
  • Motivation and Stress management.
  • Time management skills.
  • Build and manage a fully engaged team that you can rely upon and trust to deliver in time.
  • Bringing back balance in your life

Dr Sonia’s Business one on one coaching program is about helping you deal with day-to-day challenges and formulate powerful practical strategies to overcome them. With an exceptional one to one coaching and mentoring program, you will be empowered and inspired to deal with challenges and obstacles with a mindset that is now focused 100% on growth, leadership and management.

Business Growth

Most of the clients always state that they want to stand out amongst the competition. Dr Sonia works with you to improve your strategies to give your business a competitive edge over the others in your field.

Marketing Strategies

Dr Sonia will help you develop effective marketing strategies and coach you on the latest, data driven marketing strategies that will boost your productivity.

Leadership And Management

One of the challenges that Business owners face is leading and managing others. There are many ways we can help you improve your people management skills. The most important step we take is to help you identify which areas need improvement. Which skills can have the biggest impact on the bottom dollar. For example, communication skills are critical, and we ensure that firstly your team understands the vision and goals of your company. Secondly, your team is able to effectively communicate this vision to your clients.  Dr Sonia’s coaching will help you formulate effective and well tested strategies to communicate and train your team to understand your overall vision for the business.

Team Motivation

A highly motivated team is an efficient, productive and happy team. But the drivers of motivation are highly personal. If you do not focus on your employee needs, you will end up having a high turnover of employees. Dr Sonia’s coaching program helps you identify what motivates each of your team member and use that knowledge to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about their work.

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Examples of topics that Dr Sonia covers in the sessions

Month 1

1. Secret Formula: Learn To Overcome Everyday Life Challenges

Everybody faces personal challenges in their lives. It could be relationship issues, financial hardships, health problems, career pressures, failures, job struggles. The list of challenges in life is endless. But these challenges can either make us or break us. We take you through a proven Step-By Step blueprint to help you gain AWARENESS and CLARITY on how to overcome challenges. Learn the 3 steps to convert challenges into opportunities of growth and success

2. Live Life Free Of Fear And Full Of Hope

If only we understood that Failure is actually the first step to Success. Learn how to overcome your fears and doubts so you can set off on a path to happiness and success. Live life free of fear and full of hope. Learn to harness and utilize the power of imagination to create the life you have always dreamt of. Your powerful journey begins now. Experience joy, happiness, feel free and light.

3. The #1 Reason People Succeed In Life

Discover the number one reason people succeed in life or business (their work is aligned with their values (and the reverse is also true). Gain Clarity on your life purpose and manifest a future where you are happier, healthier, wealthier and more in love with yourself and your life purpose.

4. The Power Of Imagination

Realizing your full potential through new, creative methods of imagination

What you focus on, you attract. If you focus on success, you attract success. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. We show you how to use them consciously so you can awaken to a whole new life of power and opportunity.

Designing your personal mind power technique (using the ferrari car example)

Month 2

5. Take Charge Of Your Emotions And Thoughts

Are your interpersonal relationships becoming difficult because you find you’re being so touchy and taking things personally? Do others mostly see you as over-reacting to the tiniest thing – leaving you feeling confused and upset and alone? Do you see the glass half empty?

Through SELF DISCOVERY, you will uncover underlying triggers behind your emotional reactivity. ADOPTING A NEW MINDSET, you will experience a radical shift in life by having less emotional disturbances, better and fulfilling relationships with your loved ones and feeling more in control of your thoughts and emotions.

6. Change Your Life For The Better

Become aware of how Mind-Blocks such as Expectations, Impressing Others, Criticisms, Regrets and Past Injustices hold you back and disconnect you from the real you.

Powerfully eliminate your mind blocks with these empowering techniques successfully used by psychologists around the world. Successful people know how to set boundaries to protect their time, energy and attention. Doing so requires some serious skill in the art of saying No. We’ll show you exactly how to say no.

7. Why Mindsets Are Critical For Success In Life

Discover Powerful Strategies on how to change your mindset. Powerful and Positive self-talk has a massive impact on success. Change your self-talk and change your life with these inspiring tips. Become aware of the 5 scientifically proven ways gratitude can unlock happiness and success.

8. You Are The Author Of Your Story

Your life may be a mixture of romance, tragedy, betrayal, drama and mystery, full of plot twists, suspense, and heroes and villains.

Without being fully aware, we can allow these situations to write our story for us, rather than taking the necessary steps to write our own story our way. Engage your imagination and ask yourself how you would like for your story to change. YOU have the power to create whatever you can imagine. Imagination is the key to YOUR success. Through Imagination, you can learn to become centered, happy and build a great story for your future.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Our One On One Coaching

Laxmi Client

Dr Sonia is an excellent Motivational Coach and has exceptional knowledge and experience. Her energy, excitement is so contagious and you get swept into a world of possibilities. She has such a warm, friendly personality and is very easy to approach. During our coaching sessions she was extremely results oriented. There is a very clear action plan and often we would work through and resolve issues during the session, which I found very helpful. She really helped me make breakthrough in some areas I'd been struggling with for some time. I also found her daily Facebook posts and videos to be very empowering. I highly recommend her.

Molly Andrews Client

A year after buying my business, i was still struggling and barely making ends meet. Dealing with staff shortages, low profit margins and a dwindling marketing budget plus COVID, I was almost about to give up. A friend recommended Dr Sonia and I initially booked the 10 session package with Dr Sonia. She set up a plan for me with clear goals and objectives and gave me some very good marketing strategies. But most important of all, she worked on my mindset and I feel that has been the biggest game changer. The work really starts with a major shift in the mindset and I have now witnessed this first hand with the growth of my business. The constant support, encouragement and her enthusiasm is incredible and that high positive energy she brings to each session enabled me to become more positive and gain clarity and focus on both my personal and business goals. Working with Dr Sonia has been a total life changer for me. I now have clarity, focus and a clear path and I have definitely witnessed a growth in my business. . I recommend her services to anyone looking to make that transformation

Richard Wells Client

I found Dr Sonia's to be very kind and gentle and her calm persona put me at ease immediately. She gave me great strategies and a number of practical tools that I have been using in everyday life. Dr Sonia always contacted me after each session and ensured I was moving forward and in the right direction. She has a very special gift and I would highly recommend Dr Sonia to anyone seeking clarity and success in life.

Michelle Peterson Client

Thanks to your one on one coaching and training program I went from being distracted and lost to being sharp and focussed. I wholeheartedly thankyou for being so patient and understanding whilst gently guiding me through some of my most troubled moments. I am now pursuing a career in graphics design and I am 100% more satisfied with my career and relationship goals. I also follow your motivational quotes on face-book everyday. Big thumbs up.

Ria Sen Client

I found Dr Sonia to be very thoughtful thorough and helpful in her approach. I would highly recommend her services. She trained me to change my mindset and I cannot thank her enough. I feel I am now on the right track to achieving my goals. Thankyou Doctor!

Jay Client

I found Dr Sonia to be excellent and highly professional and efficient in communication, work ethics, one on one coaching. I highly recommend her coaching services. Coming from a business background myself, I found Dr Sonia to be very industrious and hardworking ensuring at all times that she was meeting my goals and vision. She also gave valuable suggestions that were not part of the job requirements and this showed me she cares for her clients and goes the extra mile for them.

The Bottom Line

This one on one coaching will be the best investment especially if you want to go to the next level. Dr Sonia will help you boost your business productivity and profits, will sharpen your leadership and management skills, help you develop effective strategies and even brainstorm new strategies in problem areas. You will find yourself working with a team that is highly motivated and aligned to your company vision and goals.

If you are feeling stuck, stressed, de-motivated or you need to hold yourself accountable, then give us a call now and transform your life.

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