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Dr Sonia Shah

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Dr Sonia Shah is a well-known, successful businesswoman, author, motivational speaker and a philanthropist. She has worked with many clients over the past fifteen years, spreading her message of determination and joy. All of the services that Sonia provides, from the main executive coaching partnerships to our group leadership development classes, incorporate a unique approach to facilitating change through self-awareness and shifts in behaviour.

Individuals who have been through her program report a sense of clarity in their new thought processes and pathways, improved relationships at work and at home, and enhanced overall performance.

With her personal history of overcoming adversity and rising to the pinnacle of respect and personal success, Dr Sonia can identify with all challenges and goals presented by any audience.


Through self-motivation and a desire for a better life, Sonia has risen to become an A /Professor at the University of Western Australia, a renowned and well-respected Motivational Speaker, an Author of the book “The Confused Mind” and a Successful Businesswoman.

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Setting goals is the first step… achieving them is the second step. And it’s at this second step that most of us stumble.  We stumble not because the goal is out of reach, but rather because of unexpected obstacles and setbacks that get in our way. Dr Sonia gives powerful motivational strategies on how to set goals and overcome obstacles with renewed confidence and determination.


Dr Sonia will discuss extensively on how to set about achieving goals and how to overcome challenges to rise to success.  With more clarity comes greater insight and understanding that will help the audience think about their life and circumstances in more resourceful and optimal ways.  Dr Sonia motivates her clients to live life without fear and confront all their challenges with complete conviction and determination.


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Her presentations include the following:

  • Goal Setting Seminar

Dr. Sonia will teach her audience on how to set realistic, achievable goals to move toward the successful outcome desired.

  • Motivational Seminar

What are the best strategies for motivating yourself or others, and how do you keep that motivation strong over the course of time? Dr. Sonia has developed proven techniques that she will share in this popular seminar.

  • Mindset Seminar

Dr Sonia extensively discusses a four-step program that permanently makes her audience feel inspired, confident and happier, designed to enable them to attract opportunities and take on risks and challenges effortlessly. The program focuses on their goals and reduces the confusion in their life, filling them with a deeper sense of satisfaction and peace, directing them to goals that now look exciting and empowering.

Dr Sonia’s seminars are designed to be two-hour sessions but can be modified as desired for lengthier presentations. She can also tailor a seminar to suit your specific needs. Notebooks of all important points will be distributed to the attendees.

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